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Default Re: Drum Tuning iPhone App

Hi Rob,

I thought for a mere EUR 0,79 I would give it a try.
I did a quick test next to my tune-bot. The readings seem pretty similar.
The tune-bot is a bit quicker than my iPhone 4 but the Spectrum View on the app is pretty cool.

Some remarks: it would be nice if there was an option to turn off the screensaver as my iPhone falls asleep if I wait too long. Also I would prefer to have the note displayed (could be left to the Hz value). Maybe also a filter mode?

And I like to have a drum stick in one hand to tap and a drumkey in my other hand to tune so that leaves no hand free for holding my iPhone. A clip like the tune-bot has is pretty handy. Perhaps there are some third party clips available for this.

I'll give it a better try this week when I have more time but it looks like it has potential.

Cheers, Eric
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