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Default Re: Hannah Ford

We're delighted to have Michele Drees perform at the launch of our new drum series at L.D.S. in October. Her gender played exactly 0% in influencing our decision to accept her kind offer. Nor actually, did notoriety. It was her ability to demonstrate two styles of kit aimed at utterly disparate genre sets that tipped the balance.

Hypothetically, if we'd had the offer of using Hannah Ford, would I have chosen her, --- no. Despite her profile, & consequently her ability to draw attention, she's not the right player, but more importantly, not the right image. Choosing her would detract from the drum's credibility IMO, as it would open us up to accusations of money bred hype.

She's chosen a path, or had a path chosen for her, that includes her obvious good looks as an integral part of the package. An equal blessing & curse IMO. Her looks & novelty almost certainly played the biggest part in her recognition launch, but when she wants to move on from that, she's left with that legacy. Being taken seriously is now a bigger challenge than it otherwise could have been, & getting hired by acts who want to occupy the limelight themselves becomes an issue too.

Having now climbed the obscurity hill, I feel sorry for her, as she now needs to greatly exceed playing expectations way beyond her male peers, in order to succeed.
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