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Originally Posted by meyerdarlin View Post
Not to beat a dead horse here...but I think what Swexx meant in regards to Hannah is not that she CAN'T play (because she obviously knows how to play), but that there are clearly other factors involved in her getting endorsements from Gretsch, Evans, Vater, Zildjian, etc. After all, those are companies trying to make money, not handing out free gear to the best drummer they hear. She's making a career out of this because she works her ass off to market herself and she's a very marketable asset.

I'm sure Swexx doesn't mean to put down a fellow drummer, but, like many people, he wonders why Hannah gets so much attention when there are ladies like this..... .... who don't get free sticks from Vater. I hear ya, Swexx, I hear ya.

Then again, if Hannah Ford inspires other young women (or men) to play drums, we certainly shouldn't complain.
Excactly what I was trying to say - though, I frased my opinions wrong, my comments turned out really harsch and the other fellows were right for correcting me.
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