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Default Re: Drum Tuning iPhone App

Hi - yes the tunebot principle is exactly the same, but actually the complexities of drum tuning mean that a full graphical display is really important in my opinion. And given the fact that virtually everyone owns a powerful touch screen device these days, I don't fundamentally believe that bespoke hardware is the way forward long term - the prototyping costs make a business venture very risky. I'm currently working on menu driven features to allow users to save their prefered tunings and also to analyse decay times, which will be available in future versions, and as its just an iPhone app I can keep the cost many many times lower than hardware systems.

Yes, you can tune each lug to the same pitch, if you hold the phone and hit the drum in the centre you record the fundamental, if you hit the drum at the edge you get the overtone at the lug. If there's any confusion just look at the spectrum display and you'll usually see both frequencies recorded.

iDrumTune gives readings to an accuracy of 0.3 Hz, though it rounds this to the nearest 0.5 Hz. I'm afraid the fundamental mathematics associated with calculating frequencies of an impulsive signal mean that it is not scientifically possible to calculate to higher accuracy, and any system that claims otherwise is clearly trying to pull the wool over your eyes :) Actually in reality this accuracy is fine with respect to the sensitivity of our ears for short bursts of sound, so it is certainly sufficiently accurate.

And yes, Android version is in the pipeline - but we're a little way off a completion date! Thanks again for your comments!
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