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I was taught by GK.

Wellll, I learned the drums mainly by playing along with everything (mostly) he did on the Columbia 2 record set of Goodman's 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert - if you haven't ever heard it - get it! It's wonderful!

I'd be so "in" to playing with that album that if my Ma walked in the room to stop me, it'd scare the ___ outa me!

Story of how that concert was recorded (by accident really) is amazing - as I recall only was recorded because of a feed to a radio broadcast and a disc was cut from one (got that? -ONE) microphone hung from the ceiling. Post-concert the disc disappeared into the Goodman family closet (or something like that) only to be found years later. Sound isn't all bad either - just lacks a bit in the bass. Goodman's band was spot on that night and the audiences response shows it!!

Highlight of course is Sing Sing Sing, but there are many other great tunes and moments.
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