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It just boggles my mind, because you'd think that no matter what age you are and if you're truly into the instrument you're playing, you'd want to go back and listen to as many drummers as you can, from different genres & just be totally consumed with all different types of music. But, unfortunately most people are not like that, especially when you're younger and more impressionable by other people around you, "Dude jazz sucks stop being a wussy and put on Slipknot" or something like that. But that's also ironic, because when you're younger that's when you should be doing what I mentioned above, before you become older and more 'stubborn' with your musical tastes.

To me, being a true music nut is about listening to everything not only from the present, but from the past as well.....because that's where most of the present music gets their sound.

I would highly suggest going out and buying the Krupa & Rich cd I mentioned above. It's short, but well worth it. Rich's solos on the cd are more 'musical', meaning they're more toned-downed than most other solos I've seen/heard by him. And Krupa, well he's just being himself which is never a bad thing to listen to.
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