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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name?

Too Old. LOL 41

How long have you been playing?
Since 1980. I have quit a few times but my recent comeback has been my favorite.

Origin of user name?
Long drunken story. Donald Duck morphed into DucksusCrapus back in 1990.

Your top 5 drummers?
Steve Smith, Neil Peart, Dennis Chambers, Tommy Lee, Buddy Rich

Make of drumkit?
Just recently moved to a TAMA Superstar Hyper-Drive EFX

Make of cymbal?
Sabain, Ziljian, and Wuhan.....I am not loyal to any cymbal brand.

Where do you practice?
Music room in my house

Are you in a band?
Just now starting a new recording project.

Do you play covers or originals?
Hate playing covers, working on originals only.

What style of music?
I love many styles of music, but seem to gravitate to harder rock/metal, punk and alternative.

Favourite take out food?
Hmmm...not sure why this question is on here, but I would say White Castle, but that is only because there isn't one close by. LOL

What country do you live in?

One really odd fact about yourself?
I'm odd...

How did you start drumming?
Saw a classmate play drums in the 5th grade talent show. Got hooked and have been doing it most my life since

Was big in rudimental drumming for many years. Love marching percussion and drum corps. Love talking drums and playing. My first love has always been cars. Drag racing and building hot rods are my thing.

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