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Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
Wow, what a warzone this one turned out to be haha
You, my friend, are the Overlord of this war vvvvvv

Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
How you gunna tell me this isnt one of the hottest drummers you've seen, and not only that, some hot ass chops on her too.
The title of a thread and the OP set the agenda. A few casual words can be taken in all sorts of ways in writing when you can't get facial expression and voice tone.

Still, I think you guys would be rolling your eyes if women on this forum talked about how hot Benny Greb was on all of his threads. When I read comments here about a girl drummer's hotness I think, "Oh, so-and-so wants to do some red blooded heterosexual male bonding" ... then I think "Should I leave them to it or give them a bit of crap?" lol

Agree that she's a strong drummer - enjoyed the Bonham bass drum approach at the start of the second vid.

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
The funny part is she was really into a particular male drummer and said one of the reasons she liked him was he was really hot.
Hey, there could be something to my Benny Greb hypothesis after all :)


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