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Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
I can hear the Bonham influence, it's nice to hear that from a female perspective.
Ben, heaps of women drummers like Bonzo's playing and many cite him as an influence. I guess it's his big tasty grooves, snare and toms - at least that's the appeal for me. He is close to being my biggest influence even now that I'm playing lounge ("close to" because after all these years it's hard to tell). I often try to play lounge the way I think Bonzo would approach it :)

As for Hannah, she has great chops, she's accurate, and she consistently draws good sounds from the kit. I'm not qualified to judge, apart from saying the solo was more of a showcase than a musical statement. She's ambitious and her family is pulling out all stops to get her stuff out there.

Which brings me to Duncan's comment:

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke
I'm getting really sick of people leering over female drummers. Just judge on ability and musicality rather than how 'hot' they are.
Yes, looks shouldn't come into it, but in a male dominated field the fact is women are a novelty. And that novelty is worth money. I've easily avoided attention by wearing jeans and loose t-shirts and Hannah could do that too, but a skimpy little feminine outfit is worth serious $$ to her. Okay, she's hot little thing and I'm an ageing hippie, but presentation makes a dramatic difference!

PS. It should be said that Benny Greb is a hottie ... who knows how much of the regular salivating over him as a drummer is coloured by little subconscious gay impulses? ;)


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