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Default Re: Serious Omission - Where's Dennis Wilson?

Dennis Wilson was who made me want to be a drummer.

My mother was always playing Beach Boys records, so when they came to town naturally she had to go. i was 11 at that time, this is back in the sixties.

So she brought me along to the concert, and the sight of Dennis Wilson hunched over his drums knocked me out. The sound of the ride cymbal, forget about it, that was it, I was to be a drummer.

I wish I could say that he was good or that he was bad, but that was so long ago that all I remember was Dennis Wilson in his striped Beach Boys shirt beating the hell out of those drums. You know, I can picture it to this day, quite vividly.

I don't think you could say that he was a bad drummer. He was very basic, I'll say that about him, and he and his brother Brian made it work for awhile.
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