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Originally Posted by PDPx7Drummer View Post
If you browse through some of the video's posted by drummers you're bound to find a comment made by a girl I'm sure. I've seen it before and they get pretty detailed lol!

Swexx, I didn't mean to come off harsh on you and you know I've backed you in another thread but your post just didn't sit well with me and in all honesty I am tired of the "this drummer is better than that drummer or I'm better than you" crap that you see WAY too much of on Youtube or the internet in general so I vented a bit and appologize. Like you I too am tired of seeing the comparison of drummers and making this hobby out to be a compeition, it's just something nobody masters but enjoy's to what ever degree they choose. Whether that be a Sunday drummer in church or at home or becoming a multi millionare and going platnium with a band. It should be about making music, making people happy and doing it to the best of your ability. I also agree that it can go both ways when talking about someone's looks rather than their drumming like OMGZ SHES SOOO HAWT but has horrible timing and moves like a robot lol! Though Metal said he likes her chops and creativity as well so it wasn't 100% just him posting about her looks. It's just a point of looking past her looks or the fact she's a girl, picture your favorite drummer playing what Hannah does or sitting in place of Hannah in those video's and you'll see she's pretty darn good.

Also don't worry, we've all been there where we get ahead of ourselves and post before we think or post something we regret. Trust me LOL!

Probably the wisest post I read in a long time. Thank you and apologies!
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