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Hey Zardoz I was thinking the same thing too....only 21 posts about Krupa? Maybe it's an age thing because Krupa's prime was about what...?....50 years ago?

As for me being almost 45 Krupa was one of the first drummers I became aware of as a kid (after Ringo). I lived with my Grandparents when I was young and my Grandfather worked at music store so when I became interested in the drums he certainly mentioned Krupa to me because that was the most famous drummer of his generation. I also remember vaguely seeing Krupa the odd time on television. My Dad also housed all his old 78 records at my Grandparents and I remember he had at least one me out here...what was it?...."Drum Boogie"? Was that Krupa? I can't remember the "B" side other then some vague recollection of it being something of "tribal" rythm.

Anyway...Krupa was and is one of the most exciting drummers to watch. Didn't have Buddy's chops...but man he really got into it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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