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Originally Posted by Swexx View Post
I wouldn't call her a great drummer.
That fact that she is a hot girl increases people's interest in her by 1,000000%.

Compared to Benny Greb, for example ( ) she is, from my point of view, no good at all. I think the fact that she is "hot" is the only thing that makes people interested in her.

What do you guys think?
Originally Posted by Swexx View Post
YThough, If you cannot compare her to other drummer's, there is really no reason to talk about her at all - it's hard (at least for me...) to have a discussion about a drummer without comparing her/him to someone else! :)
What does Greb have to do with it?

If you only compare drummers to Vinnie, Jojo, and the absolute upper echelon of players, then 99% of the worlds drummers should give up, including most of the worlds highly successful players.

Charlie Watts made more money than most of us will ever see in our lives based on not even trying to be the worlds greatest player.

Can you play like Greb? If not, then why bring it up?

Drumming accepts all kinds, from Papa Jo, to Charlie Watts to George Kollias to everyone in between and out to all extremes, beginners and experts.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating people for what they can do rather than comparing them to extreme situations.
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