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Originally Posted by Swexx View Post
I wouldn't call her a great drummer.
That fact that she is a hot girl increases people's interest in her by 1,000000%.

Compared to Benny Greb, for example ( ) she is, from my point of view, no good at all. I think the fact that she is "hot" is the only thing that makes people interested in her.

What do you guys think?
Why compare her to someone else? What fun is drumming when you will never be good enough as the person you're compared too? No disrepect to your comment, of course.

Whether or not you, or anyone, thinks she's good, she obviously has a love for what she does. And thats all that matters, right?
I don't know of too many female drummers than can pound away at the skins, and she is talented undoubtedly. So I respect that of her
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