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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

I found a 14" 50's 3ply Gretsch tom!!

The drum is NOT A 3PLY
I went across the boarder to Blaine and picked it up yesterday. I was pretty disappointed to see that it is a 6ply I thought...a 3ply. It was my own mistake - I guessed that it was a three ply....wishful thinking. Further..I should have asked the question BEFORE bidding. It's the second time in a few months that I bought a Gretsch shell thinking it was a 3ply. You'd think I'd learn!

I scored this unhappy Gretsch cocktail drum on eBay a week or so ago. The finish is not repairable as you can see. The drum has a lot of parts missing including the badge.
My idea is to cut it down to a 14" and maybe even salvage a nice snare shell as well.

Usually I would not think of cutting a vintage drum down. But, with the wrap and parts issue the real 'vintage' value is gone. In another scenerio I might have decided to rewrap it and find the missing parts. But this may be my one chance to have the 3ply 14" 50's Gretsch ft that I've been searching for.........without paying well over $1000. This cocktail drum was $200. Also I need a 6.5x14 3ply Gretsch snare shell..........they are almost as hard to find as the 14 FT.......

I will qualify this by saying this drum is not my "saved the best for last!"....................

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I would love to find a 14" 3ply FT - been looking but man...are they scarce! I think if I eventually do find one it may cost me more than what I paid for my complete kit including cymbals.
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