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Anthony Amodeo
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Default Re: Camaraderie and hanging out

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Maybe you guys needed a bigger van or a bus. Seems like that's kinda the way it should be if you're going on tour. Sounds like your tours were better funded than a punk band's though. I've heard some stories.
well they were pretty much funded by us since our label at the time wasn't huge on tour support......they gave some....but not nearly enough to keep us out as long as we were booked for

merch sales and gig pay helped keep the machine running

it wasn't really the close quarters (van) that got us on each others nerves was more the fact that the 3 of us each have very strong personalities and we wore on each people do when they spend a lot of time together....check out the divorce rate in the United States

but hey we put in nearly 10 years together and remain very close friends today
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