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Default Re: Serious Omission - Where's Dennis Wilson?

Originally Posted by kookadams View Post
Anyone who knows anything about drums who would dismiss Dennis Wilson for any reason is a poseur. Dennis Wilson was the reason I picked up a pair of drumsticks!! Technicality doesn't mean shit, his "open-handed" style is something that hardly any drummer could do! He had the talent, looks, style- everything!!! He was the greatest rock star that ever lived and it didn't matter that he wasn't technical. I don't give a rats ass about Pert or Bonham or any other "drum icon". I learned everything I need to know from Dennis Wilson, Marky Ramone Hal Blaine, Dusty Watson and Bill Stevenson! I don't waste my time on prog-jazz, metal or whatever bullshit that people misconceive as motivational for being a real musician or percussionist. And from what I've seen and been told Dennis used Camco and Rogers throughout the 60s, Zickos in the 70s and played a Yamaha in his last years- if someone has information of otherwise I would like to know.
Just let me know, on which tracks he really played, so i can check out. The Live appearances were not impressive to say the least.

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