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Default Re: Camaraderie and hanging out

I find that the older I get, the less I enjoy the bands I'm in. That's why I write my own songs and play guitar and sing. I don't really want to have to depend on others to produce my music. The only bands I've ever been in for any length of time are the ones where I had some camaraderie with the others.

Originally Posted by Leth View Post
Who wants to work so closely with a bunch of strangers?
Exactly. If I have to work with strangers, I wanna get paid for it. The first few jams are fine, but after awhile things get repetitive.

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post

You don't have to be best friends, but there has to be some level on enjoying each other.

Just imagine being in a touring band where everyone is piled on top of each other in a van-bus-whatever for weeks on end.
True. I couldn't imagine going on tour with a bunch of strangers.

Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
the band i played in for a decade were the best of friends...brothers ... completely ...all for one ...whats mine is yours type shit

but I promise you this.....every time we came home from a couple months on the road....I hated those cats more than anything you can imagine...and Im sure they felt the same about me

then after a week or two apart ......the gravitational pull would bring us back together and the process would start all over again
Maybe you guys needed a bigger van or a bus. Seems like that's kinda the way it should be if you're going on tour. Sounds like your tours were better funded than a punk band's though. I've heard some stories.
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