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Default Hey what's up!

I've posted here before a few months ago, and have been visiting this forum for quite a few years already, although I totally forgot to introduce myself! My name is Aaron, I'm 21, I live in Pennsylvania in the good old USA, and I've been into drums pretty much since I was less than a year old! xD

I used to have toy drums until I learned some snare stuff in elementary school when I'd take saxophone lessons. When I got to middle school I'd teach myself to play using the kit in the band room, but my family would never let me have my own drums because they hated the loud sound. Nevertheless, I was able to learn the basics on my own without ever taking lessons, and would casually teach myself all throughout highschool. When I was 18 I really started getting obsessed with drums as a result of my OCD, and begged my step brother who lives a few hours away to let me borrow his kit. The following year I was able to get a job that paid well enough for me to afford my own stuff so every few weeks I would slowly begin sneaking the shells, cymbals, and equipment, and everything that I needed to form my ideal setup.

The obsession amplified over the past few years to the point where I practically eat, sleep, and breathe drums. Ideas for songs come into my head seemingly from nowhere, and often times at work I find myself tapping nonstop, doing rudiments on surfaces, practicing flying fingers in the air, and whatnot. I really enjoy nothing else than coming home and sitting down and just playing. I simply just love it, and although I'm going to college part time for engineering and enjoy that too, someday I wish to make a career out of drumming. I just absolutely love playing any style, and although I can't exactly say anyone influences me in particular--the world around me tends to throw ideas my way seemingly out of nowhere. I would literally play all day every day if given the chance, although living with three other people that dislike when I play and having to work at Sears doesn't allow me to do that in the meantime! Someday, hopefully I'll be able to though!

Right now I'm really looking into forming a band with friends, and I'm working around the clock in my spare time writing guitar, bass, drum, and lyrical parts to songs. I have three other friends that are down for it--I just have to find the time (and the confidence) to jam with them and I feel like I'm procrastinating. It's weird because I feel inferior to basically every drummer I know, and always keep telling myself that I need to improve if I want to be a useful part of a band. I don't have any issues keeping time, grooving, reading music, or learning fast--but it's just this thought in my head that keeps insisting that I can improve, and that I'm not ready yet until I do. I promised my friends we'd start sometime this summer though, so hopefully things get rolling soon! ;)

I wish to share my ideas and record myself in due time! I find that watching myself play from recordings and catching on to any mistakes may actually help me too! I just want to keep doing what I love doing, and if I get somewhere with it someday, then I know I'd go full force and never stop!

But anyways, I feel that was probably a long enough introduction! Whew! Once I start talking, it's hard for me to stop, so that'll be all for now! It's always great talking to other drummers though! I don't have the chance to very often! Hey everyone! ^__^
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