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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hello there people!

My name is Wiktor and I'm from Poland. I'm 19 years old and started playing drums at the age of 16 so there will be 3 years in december since I've touched my first kit.

I've been learning all by myself from YouTube and places like this. My parents never supported me in playing drums because it's expensive and they said I will never make money of it. Maybe I won't - but I just love drumming. I have cheap CB drums with Gibraltar 3311DB twin, wuhan 14" china and Alchemy A.R.T 16" crash and some weird no-name ride added... the only kit i could afford. It doesn't sound neither terrible nor good. It's sure enough for me.

I love music. At first I tried to play guitar but I decided it's not for me - when my fingers don't do the job on the guitar's neck I want to smash the guitar against the wall. When I am unable to do something on drums I just take a deep breath and keep practicing. I would like to learn some piano in the future too.

I'm a metal fan and I admire extreme metal drummers. My biggest idol is late drummer of Decapitated: Vitek (RIP). Next one is Gene Hoglan and Inferno from Behemoth right behind. But as you can see on my avatar I like almost every kind of music and I try to develop as well in blasting and rolling with double bass as in smooth, slow playing with your drumsticks low above the drumhead. Long way to go but so far I'm not going to give up :P

Had a band, we fell apart, I'm now looking for some rock or metal band to fill.

Once again: hello! :D
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