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Rudimental Beats


One of the essential few instructional videos if you want to improve your hands.

All skill levels. Everyone using sticks: drum set players, concert drummers, marching drummers.

Bill Bachman

I am drum set player and pretty much an instructional drum video junkie! I love studying videos by masters such as Steve Smith, JoJo Mayer, Jim Chapin, John Riley, Tommy Igoe, and Dave Weckl. I watch these masters over and over and pick up something new each time. Plus, I have studied about 20+ other instructional drum videos. And while each video was worth the purchase price to me, lots of drummers just want to buy the essential one or two or few drumming videos.

In my opinion, this video, Rudimental Beats is one of the essential few. For me, it became an instant classic on stick technique while being the least well known of what I see as the best of the five-star videos. While there is no big promotional campaign to advertise this video, you might recognize the name, Bill Bachman. He is a columnist for Modern Drummer magazine and is becoming more widely known for excellence in teaching hand technique. He is also a “Vic Firth” artist. Bachman has been called, The Hands Doctor. I cannot argue with that. ...OK. Back to the video.

When it comes to a streamlined approach to improving stick technique, I like this video by Bachman as well or better than any other I have ever seen, including videos I have seen from the masters listed above. Overall, I like the way Bachman teaches hand technique within the context of common sense, physics, and physiology all while being able to clearly demonstrate his points with his own great hands. To highlight a few details: a) I like the way he teaches double-strokes and triple-strokes, b) I like his approach to developing speed, and c) His take on the rudiments is refreshing and spot on, for me.

This is a technical and practical video to help us get our hands happening by covering what to practice and how to practice. Last, but not least Bill Bachman's “Get Good Quick Plan” is both innovative and practical.

I hope this review helps you choose your next video.
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