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Stu, listen to Blink's self titled cd, there are awesome accented snare roll solo's scattered around the breakdown's of the songs (go, asthenia) as well as some cool grooves (down, the fallen interlude). I know Blink can rely on the same format for their breakdowns quite a lot, but they sound great, so I don't really care.

As for your 'groove killer' attachment, I honestly think it adds to the song in this case; a nice dichotomy is created between his choppy beats, and Tom's ringing guitar - and the accents weave nicely around the vocals. I think you need to qualify in what way Travis 'kills' the groove before making this harsh criticism of him.

Dude, someting doesn't have to be a straight up rock beat, or jazz beat, or whatever to 'groove'; it's called creativity when drummers try something a little different and make it work (and I think Travis makes it work a LOT of the time). I know you 'don't get' Tool, but I think you should give them another chance if you want to know what a rock drummer that grooves creatively sounds like (since you obviously can't see it in Travis either).
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