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Default Re: My reaction to Mastodon...

Originally Posted by PDPx7Drummer View Post
I don't see how getting kicked in the face by a singer can be justified as a great experience, although I could be in the minority here lol. Do people really think that's cool? Is that how you show respect to your fans, by seeing if you can run across their faces like trying to run across water lol? I would actually take it as a sign of disrespect, unless that's what his intensions were in the first place. Just my opinion of course.

Cool that you seen Mastodon though.
Well some shows I been to it has been so crazy and the whole place seems to be ripe for such behavior. It is similar to football players bumping helmets, or some other sign of loving the intensity.

Their is an energy that I feel gets transferred, I have gotten kicked and i didn't mind.

I looked at it as not on purpose, just a temporary lack of control and uninhibited behavior.
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