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Default Re: Better than the original

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
For the most part, but Dylan's own versions of the following are probably best (though I can't say I've heard many/any covers of them..)

The Times Are a Changin'

Rainy Day Women 12 & 65 (or whatever #s)

the video of the song with the person and the flashcards w/lyrics on them..whatever song that was (yeah my Dylan knowledge is bad)
i'll agree with those. and add Tangled Up In Blue, Mozambique, Hard Rain, Slow Train Coming, Jokerman, Has Anybody seen My Love...i guess it's the whichever version you heard first principal. in which people usually like the version they heard first. same for live versions by the same artist. which ever you heard first or are most familiar with..

same with one's favorite Doctor.
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