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Default Re: Better than the original

Just listening to the Les Claypool version. I can definitely see what you prefer in it - there's definitely a better drum sound.

On the other hand, I really don't like the vocals and I there's some odd mix problems in the low-end with the bass interfering with the bass drum. The guitar sound is definitely powerful but dare I say it, I prefer Roger Water's bass tone and utter desolation with his vocal performance.

I'm not sure the song was ever going to work with a 'lavish' sound - snare drum aside.

Great cover though and I still think that if a band released 'Animals' as new music today then it would still be utterly, utterly astonishing. It's my favourite Pink Floyd album just because it's so goddam nihilistic, desolate and nasty.

I think this is probably the best live version of 'Dogs':

Absolutely bloody mindblowing, even though some of the stage wear is questionable and the backing singers don't work for me. Jon Carin rules.
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