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Default Re: Better than the original

yes. better than the original is a bit of a testy term, but i think i understand the gist and will play along.

Tanya Tucker's "Not Fade Away" blows away any other version i've heard. as does
Smith's - "Baby It's You", Helen Reddy's versions of lots of covers that she has done, including "I Don't Know How To Love Him". i prefer the pop single version of "Pinball Wizard" (can't remember the group). just about every cover Polly's groups have done (Cold Turkey, The Thrill Is Gone, I Put A Spell On You, The Kinks' One [Lazy Sunday - whatever the title is]. Cold Turkey is just pure awesomeness, and should be included on some movie soundtrack.. Anne Murray's "Just One Look" and "Daydream Believer".

James Taylor's "Handyman" is very special. ironically lacking the braggadacio and bravado'd delivery of the original, the contrast of the mellow arrangement and heartfelt delivery almost make one forget what he's actually talking about. Leah Kunkle (sister of Cass Elliott and ex-wife of Russ)'s backing vocal is wonderful. marvellous track.
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