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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Originally Posted by Kalma View Post
Ha yeah I remember about that thread, but it was pretty long ago I guess?
But I guess it's logical that it doesn't sound good...

My chimes are not 100% round as well, I guess 1mm tolerance or something..
Well I found that thread a few months ago when I was doing some research on DIY bells and how to make a bell holder. And I found some interesting ideas/tips/bell holder designs. My problem is finding suitable "bell screws/posts" - where the bellsare mounted onto. Finding/cutting a holder bar and drilling a few holes is easy of course. I've settled on the dimensions of a 5-way holder but haven't started with the build.

Originally Posted by Kalma View Post
I always put the cymbals onto a screw and mount it into my drill machine and then hold a rasp against it.. (makes sense?) Works pretty good!
Sure, that's the way Gavin describes it in the Q&A/FAQ section of his website. I haven't tried this approach yet. Cool to learn that some pro drummers are into DIY ;-)

I've cut a few of them with tin snips first. But those can bend the edges a bit which doesn't happen if you use a disk cutter. And I know that with a disk cutter I'll cut any bell in about 10 minutes or less, with no big strain on the hands and no blisters.
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