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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Hey Kalma, on one German drum forum I found a thread where you said that one of your bells didn't sound good ("Sch*ße" was the term, haha) as it had not enough edge - I know what you mean ;-) #10 is one of those... I had no way to cut it larger in size as the cymbal was cracked right around the bell as I bought it, that specific cymbal was in a process of modifying itself into a bell - half of the mod was already done, I just helped a bit. Thus, this one has extremely short sustain - which might be a benefit depending on the musical situation.

As I don't have proper turning equipment my bells aren't perfectly round but I learned how to optimize what I can do. I think some slight out of roundness (we're talking 1, 2 mm max in diameter difference) doesn't alter the sound/resonance a lot. I might rework some bells around their edges for better roundness at some time.

The samples actually helped me reevaluate some of the bells. The bigger ones just look more impressive so the ears are "telling" me they should sound better, too. Some of those which don't look great (the one made from the Meinl 16'' crash) actually sound interesting if you don't look at them, haha. They all make sense due to their sonic differences. If you have enough of them you can build scales which is real fun. I have to make some holders for them soon.

Well I invested some time polishing them as pretty much all of them (the non-modified cymbals) came with quite some tarnish. I noticed that after the polish (I'm using "Gundelputz" to polish them) they quickly got tarnished so recently I repolished them, then applied the Paiste Cymbal Protector and also some linseed oil afterwards - this was some 2 weeks ago and they still look very good. This protection coating seems to work.

Some bells have a keyhole - that's because they were "repaired" by the previous owners, got out of balance but the owners continued to use/mount them so it was natural for them to develop keyholes. Which is no prob for bell modifications as they will stay in perfect balance if you tighten the cymbal felts just a little bit.
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