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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
Im going to try to do the same.....just with an herb that is not legal (in most places)

Im a bit too defensive sometimes......Ill get it under control one of these years....
I know what you mean. For a while I felt defensive myself, feeling that people considered me a bit of a lightweight. Then, after some cones of legal herbiage I thought, "Okay, I'm a bit of a lightweight. No drama," and everything flowed from there.

That's one area where I totally related to what Kenny Werner talked about in Effortless Mastery - get your ego well away from your music. The moment your feelings of self worth get wrapped up in your drumming you've created a barrier between you and the music. I'm still working on that one.

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Those standards prevail to this very day. I could sit down and play any of them in my sleep, only please don't make me do that.
Bugger when it comes to that - where pros without the luxury of artistic control are in a situation not miles from the average office shmuck (of which I was one for many years) - paying the bills by doing things that don't interest you for someone who you don't much like or respect.


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