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I'm with you there. When I started out in the late sixties it was in the nightclubs, four sets a night six nights a week, and you'd stay in one place for a good stretch, month after month if the conract was renewed. It really got my playing together and the money was great. Before too long one was a seasoned pro with a headful of jazz standards and, unfortunately, a lot of less appealing music. Still, all that on-the-job sink-or-swim playing experience was priceless.

When the clubs started going the way of the dinosaur, most of us drifted over to studio work and other sorts of sub-contracting, which we could do because we'd established ourselves in the city as pros. I don't know how the young guys do it today. It's got to be pretty damned daunting, particularly when we're talking about jazz, with as limited an audience as there is for that genre.
did you notice a considerable change in the tunes being called as years went on ..... 70s and on ..... or was it pretty much the same standard tunes ?

as far as jazz gigs I mean
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