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I just listened to all of Boxcar, and I don't see too much difference. To demonstrate my love hate relationship with Travis' playing I'll post three files.

The first two demonstrate his obvious flare for nice big continuous roll sounds. The first one he plays 16th note feel doubles, and the second one he slows them down to play sextuplet feel doubles. They both sound really good, but here is the hate part:

I "guess" he is demonstrating his range as a rudimental drummer, however, these two snips are IDENTICAL playing (by the band too, same key, same phrasing concepts, similar tempo, everything). The only thing different is the use of sextuplets for the underlying rolls. It would be more interesting to just merge those two songs into one, and varying the type of roll he uses.

Listen for yourselves:

nice rolls.mp3
nice rolls2.mp3

Then there is what Tommy Igoe calls a "Groove Killer". This is the signature sound of Barker, and it just doesn't groove. It's all choppy and awkward. It is, in short, a Groove Killer!

groove killer.mp3

I'm must admit, I'm a bit disappointed. I like the fact he airs out the music a little better, but still, those damned groove killlers!

Heh, and I always though that song I Feel So was a Blink song (not that there is much of a difference).
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