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Originally Posted by con struct View Post
For the jazz cats...have a look at this and see what you think.
anyone who gets into playing music to make money needs their head examined to begin with

if you dont do if for the love........don't do it

I love jazz
I know where to finds people who want to hear jazz and love it as much as I do

one of the great things about playing the style is the underground roots style unadvertised gigs that only true followers know how to find ...and trust me they find it

another is the delusional mainstream who loves to believe no one wants to hear it

we love it that way

you see....jazz is a live music energy source , not really a record selling forum....the energy never fully translates on record...... the people who come to listen to jazz actually understand the music, understand the passion, understand the conversations we are having on the stage, and seek these events out because they love it......they also love the fact that it is a bit of an elite fraternity

not so much can be said for the sheep flocking to these hot selling tickets

that article tries too hard to pigeon hole things that are intangible........I guess to help people who have no clue understand? ...who knows

it also sounds like its written by a bitter failure who had delusions of grandeur

kinda funny to me

my phone is constantly ringing

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