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Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
... "Dear Prudence", on which Paul played drums due to Ringo temporarily quitting the band,
Just found an interesting quote by a person reviewing a Beatles book about this on Amazon:
MacDonald states that Paul played drums through the entire song, "Dear Prudence." Actually, Paul's drum part during the first part of the song was recorded over Ringo's original version. Paul's playing stops at the line "won't you let me see you smile" and Ringo's original track takes over. It is pretty obvious since Paul's close mic on the snare is replaced with the fatter Ringo snare sound. Stylistically, there is no way Paul ever played fills like the ones at the end of this song.
I never noticed the splice in Strawberry Fields but once it was pointed out it's obvious. I felt the same way when I listened back to Dear Prudence.


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