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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Trip,

It's a 22" prototype of the prototype 20" I used in the MM1 DVD. I had them make me a 22" basically. It's a bit of an anomaly as it has a strong bell, nice definition and good wash. It's too light for the Styx gig but it's a great all purpose ride. If you want one--have your dealer contact Mark Love at Sabian. He knows exactly what it is and can make you one.


Hi Sam,

I can best answer your question with the 35 minute section on hands that goes through all the rudiments, compound stickings, hybrid rudiments I employ in my playing. The I take that same amount of time going through those on a drum set and showing different orchestrations and note rates you can use within time feels of actual playing. I could never describe all of this…and hence, why it is in DVD form. I hope you'll consider picking it up from my web store at the link below. I hope it helps you break through some walls and that it inspires your playing.

My best to you--

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