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Default [CYMBALS REVIEW] Zultan CS series B25 Complet Set DEMO OK

Hi everybody,

I'd like to introduce you a crazy set. I bought it in Germany and this is one of my favorite set I got. For the story : I've been living is France and I owned lots of cymbals and I've been fond of Zultan from a long time now.

About Zultan :

Zultan cymbals are 100% hand made in Istambul, they have different series covering many style of music. (Rockbeat serie, Yin serie, Cs Serie, AJA serie, Q serie, F5 serie, CAZ serie and Z serie). I already tested the Yin serie which are amazing too.

Let's talk about the CS serie. These cymbals are made in B25 (25% Tin). They provide a very warm, complex and accurate sound. Check Agean Legend cymbals and they are pretty the same but I personnaly prefer Zultan ones. I'm in the process of recording some demos but be patient :) CS serie are specially made for Pop and Jazz music but they are very versatile. B25 alloy is more solid than B20 so they are supposed to last.

I found on those cymbals a perfect sound ! I play 70s rock, Pop and Folk music. They are well balanced with a lot of presence without being too penetrating.
What about the price ? Just perfect !!!! I paid the whole set $700 in Germany. Zultan is anti-marketing so prices are just fine.

Demos, as I said, is coming soon.

Set tested :

CS Ride 20 (2260g)
CS Crash 14 (775g)
CS Crash 16 (1000g)
CS Splash 10 (262g)
CS TOP HIHAT 14 (1015g)
CS BOTTOM HIHAT 14 (1125g)

Demo :

Glyn Johns method recording
No compression, no effects, neutral recording
4 mics ( 2X CM40 large diaphragm, 1X Audix F14 Kick mic, 1X CAD D189 snare/tom mic)

Pictures :

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