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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted



Momma says it's time to get rid of some equipment. Everyone knows that if momma aint happy, aint nobody happy - so it's time to sell off 3 of my snares that dont get much playing time. All snares are in excellent condition with newer heads, 2 of the 3 have S-Hoops on the reso side and I can swap them to triple flangers if you so desire, or leave em there - whichever you prefer. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING in the CONUS. I will not ship internationally, period. I accept Paypal, so add 3.5% to cover the crappy fees PP imposes.
The candidates are: a 14 x 6 DW Edge in Black Ice. This thing is a monster - weighs in at nearly 20 lbs and sounds like someone shot a cannon. Truly a sonic hammer. This drum is a 9.25 out of 10. Not a problem with it whatsoever, just need to make some room. Asking 625 SHIPPED

Next is a Brady Jarrah Stave 14 x 4.5 in low gloss finish. - SOLD!

Finally another DW Collectors - this one a Collectors Brass 14 x 6 with the early mag throwoff and single position butt plate. A great snare, but it too gets no time on the stand. A shame indeed. Another 9 out of 10. Asking 425 SHIPPED.

These will all ship UPS Ground, Insured.


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