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Default Re: Looking for a New Car. Drummers' Advice Wanted

I'm a fan of VW cars and have seen a few, I know how well they drive too. I don't own one because the Golf and Polo are too small for me (6'2") but my brother has an 11 year old Polo that is just great, even if a little low on power (just a 1 litre).

With that said, the Mazda 3 is another excellent car. Those are the two I would be looking at myself. Mazda and Ford are deeply intertwined and if I'm right, shares much of the Ford Focus mechanically - which is a car that I really rate. The Mazda 3 is based on the 'International' model of Focus, as far as I know. It will drive very well and be fairly spacious on the inside with a decent reliability record and easy, cheap availability of parts.

Being someone that has owned two Fords and had been around Fords all my life (I have a cousin-in-law that has a collection) I've obviously got a bias but I believe that my bias is fairly justified!

As for Hyundai, they have made big moves in the last four or five years but I wouldn't touch anything older than that. The same is true of Kia. Decent enough cars, with a decent build quality and recent reliability record but they just don't do it for me.
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