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Default Re: Two Great Bass Players

Originally Posted by Fuzrock View Post
That's a good question. I'm going to rehearse with the new guy for the first time tomorrow so I can't really answer about him first hand.
It's a tough call indeed. At this stage I'd hold my cards close to my chest I reckon. The sub is booked for 3 months....both players know this and are set for it. Given that, I wouldn't reveal to either one which way I was leaning at this early stage. Treat it as if the tour is still going ahead, that way no-one is put out as that's what was planned for in the first place.

I'd spend the three months as a long audition process and make my final decision when that time is up. Anything could happen in that time, the older guy may not dig it.....the younger guy may find another gig etc and your decision may be made for you. Given that you have a bit of time up your sleeve before a final decision needs to be made, I'd use it to see which guy really is the better fit for your band.

That's all I've got, I'm afraid. Good luck whichever way you roll.
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