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Anthony Amodeo
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Originally Posted by plangentmusic View Post
The bands suck and the scene is really for the young. Kids need a place to get out there and suck for a while. There are some downtown clubs in NYC that have a few interesting bands (and a lot of crappy ones) and I'll play there now and then for kicks, but it really is for the young guys to cut their teeth. My teeth are worn out! lol! And nothing is going to come of it if you're over 35 anyway -- other than playing for playings sake. Trouble is -- I'm finding it harder and harder to find music that really thrills me enough to bother. That's the problem with getting older -- you become more discriminating but have less options!

Okay, back to the doghouse. (That instrument is impossible by the way).
yeah getting old and jaded sucks....Im there with you

whats going on with the doghouse ?....(havent heard anyone call it that in years by the way...its nice to hear )

is it an old finicky instrument ?.....or you mean just much harder to play being more used to electric bass?

do tell....that is one of my favorite sounding instruments on the planet
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