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Anthony Amodeo
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Originally Posted by groove1 View Post
Ref jazz ride cymbals....I just got an idea a couple weeks ago that made me kick did I not think of this decades ago? That is, play with 2 different sticks that
are similar but have different beads especially. I can "simulate going to another ride" by
simply switching sticks hand to hand during the tune. Original idea for me (even though
I've mixed and matched sticks with brushes, beaters etc...just never played with an unmatched pair of drumsticks before). This has been a game changer for sounds I can get
from my set, er..uh, kit.

yeah like you said ive played one stick one brush, one stick one mallet, one mallet one brush, and even two different mallets.....but never two different sticks

something to think about for sure
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