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Anthony Amodeo
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Originally Posted by plangentmusic View Post
Fair enough. It's funny -- I don't even think in terms of "rock scenes" because they're non existent! lol I guess outside of NYC guys are still doing ZZ Top and Rolling Stones covers in bars and I have about as much interest in doing that as having dental surgery performed by a chimpanzee.

I agree about the classic jazz vs the modern. I tease trumpet players and say "The second that bullet went through Lee Morgan's heart, they should have stopped manufacturing trumpets!"

I did weddings for years because it was a way to make money and a way to play lots of different types of music, but I'm done with that as well. I guess that's what happens. You lose the interest of anything when it gets old. Right now I love recording. Maybe to someone else THAT is old. But you have to find your Muse where and when you can.

And now I think I'm going to play some upright bass to some Miles. Ya got me in the mood. : )

that actually made me really happy that this conversation got you in the mood to pluck the cables

...but yeah bro....rock scenes are actually rabid right now....but its back to the grass roots style bypassing promoters and labels (which is actually kinda cool)... legion halls , and underground clubs with no liquor license ....these kids are packing these places and buying thousands of dollars in merch and losing their minds

the problem ...the bands SUCK !!!
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