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Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
couldnt care less about its heyday being behind us , ahead of us , or on Mars for that matter

I love jazz, I know where to go to find people who love it as much as I do and want to hear it , talk about it, and live it

honestly Im not as big of a fan of the more modern stuff ....I like thing is the classic sound ...never gets old to me

Ive been around quite a while myself, and they way you describe jazz is how I feel about rock music and its scenes

its so damn tired and boring, and new generations keep coming with there Louisville sluggers and clobbering that dead horse ....just wearing different clothes with a new haircut

not sure how many times I can listen to that same old song without wanting to strangle someone

I dont want to be jaded, and swore to myself when I was young that it would never happen to me ...but years of touring, dealing with record companies, managers, promoters, half ass musicians who learn a power chord and want to take over the world, seeing just horrible horrible bands blow up and praised over and over, learning how the industry is really run ...just sort of ruined the love for me

It feels good to return to playing for the love, and being around people who listen and play for the love

...and anyone who ventures into music to make money to begin with needs their damn head examined

Fair enough. It's funny -- I don't even think in terms of "rock scenes" because they're non existent! lol I guess outside of NYC guys are still doing ZZ Top and Rolling Stones covers in bars and I have about as much interest in doing that as having dental surgery performed by a chimpanzee.

I agree about the classic jazz vs the modern. I tease trumpet players and say "The second that bullet went through Lee Morgan's heart, they should have stopped manufacturing trumpets!"

I did weddings for years because it was a way to make money and a way to play lots of different types of music, but I'm done with that as well. I guess that's what happens. You lose the interest of anything when it gets old. Right now I love recording. Maybe to someone else THAT is old. But you have to find your Muse where and when you can.

And now I think I'm going to play some upright bass to some Miles. Ya got me in the mood. : )

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