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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

I got another Tama kit and forgot to post it here. Here it is a bit more condensed. When I got it it was 11x12, 12x13, 16x16 toms and a 16x22 bass drum. I just added a new 6.5x13 Tama Artwood maple snare (love it), and sold off the 12x13 tom. I removed the tom mount off the 12" and plugged with holes with through bolts, and put it in a snare stand. Now that I gig with just one cymbal (my 20" K Custom Dark Ride), I mount it on the bass drum tom mount to eliminate a cymbal stand.

New heads round out the kit - coated Evans G2's on top, and clear G1's on bottom, the bass drum gets a clear EQ4, and these thick birch shells absolutely sing. If you look closely, the white marks you see on the bass drum are where the finished was nicked hard enough to go down to the bare wood. I had to re-glue one of the bass drum hoops where a ply split and cracked, but it's holding pretty good now. I also eliminated the original T-rods for drum key-operated rods on the bass drum. The finish looks better in person, it is very 80s, it's called Lipstick Red. Enjoy!
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