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I like this idea, GVD.

Well, I'm mostly a frustrated jazzer right now, just for lack of playing opportunities. I haven't played a jazz gig in much too long. I keep busy with rock and pop gigs, which is nice, but there's still a void that needs to be filled.

I had a nice little trio thing going for a while that afforded me the chance to play out with good musicians here and there. Unfortunately, my buddy who was the leader of the trio moved out of state for work for a few years, but he's back now and we're looking to get a little group together and start playing.

Last summer, I completed assembling my first-ever real "bop kit." I now have a set in 12/14/18 and a new array of Ks that I really dig. I'm all dressed up but no place to go yet. Hopefully I'll rectify that soon with some gigs.

What I really need to work on are nuance things and I live in an apartment so my practicing opportunities are severely limited. I guess my main focus right now has been on getting my uptempo playing together. I'm talking 360+ bpm and getting comfortable with the comping. Taking most of my cues from Max, it's definitely about relaxing and not trying to do too much, but still, it's an art form and I'm not there.
I have been working the uptempo cymbal a lot as well...I have a pretty good workout regiment for it

my problem becomes comping at those speeds

all triplets kinda become flat 8ths and mentally I know where I should be placing them....but executing some comp patterns at those speeds is something I wont be pulling off live anytime soon

Ive been focussing on a bunch of melodic Max Roach type playing as well......taking some Monk and Art Tatum piano licks and filtering them through my limbs onto the kit

feels really good to something really natural ....very organic for me

there are some things that Max plays that feel so amazingly natural to me I played them in a past life or something

nothing makes me more happy right now than things like this
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