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Default Two Great Bass Players

My band is having a hard time figuring out what to do right now. First of all, we're a cover band and for most of us, it's a hobby. A hobby that's becoming somewhat lucrative. Most of us are pushing 40 but our bass player who has been with us for about a year is only 23. He just graduated from college with a degree in music performance (or something like that) and he is a really great player with chops for days. When we first got a hold of him he had a tendency to over play but he has reeled that in quite a bit. We really enjoy playing with him.

An opportunity came up for him to audition for a former national act that is trying to make a comeback. That was a month or two ago and they found a bass player before he even got a chance to audition. We were obviously just fine with that since we wouldn't have to go out and find someone to replace him. Then all of the sudden last week, they call him up and "hire" him sight unseen based off what their drummer was telling them all. So he drops this bomb on us, gives us a list of shows (which is pretty much all of them) for the next three and a half months that he can't do with us. This band is taking him on a real bona fide tour. None of us are mad about it at all. Hell, if I were his age and didn't have a wife, a kid and a good job, I'd probably jump at the chance, too.

Our singer has this friend who is also a great bass player and is closer to our age. He was actually our first choice when we were looking for a bass player a year ago but he was dedicated to this other band that was still in it's start up phase. Well since then, that band petered out and he is now free. Perfect, right? So we called him up and he has been woodshedding on our song list for the last 7 days because he is planning to play with us for the next three and a half months. If he really worked out, we were probably just going to stick with him but if not, we would happily welcome young bass player back.

So yesterday I get a call from young bass player saying that this former national act decided to audition a couple of other bass players because he doesn't really have the right look for them. Let me explain. This is a band that never quite made it big back in the 80's hair band days and young bass player isn't exactly someone you'd expect to see in spandex. Think Seth Rogan with a few extra pounds. These guys are douche-bags for sure. He knows we already have this other guy working on the material but wants to keep us in the loop.

I explain that we already promised the next three months to the other bass player and that it we actually want to take a more serious look at him. He is closer to our age, in a similar life situation as the rest of us and is also REALLY good on bass. I explained that even if this whole tour thing fell through for him, that we still want to give this other guy a shot.

The feeling amongst the rest of us is that if we don't lose him now, we'll more than likely lose him down the road. Also, he was more than willing to jump ship for this opportunity so his loyalty to us really isn't there. Who can blame him, though? He's a talented young man with his whole life ahead of him. He doesn't need to stick with a bunch of geezers in some local cover band when he could be touring the country as a professional rocker.

So I tried to give you all as complete a picture as possible. I still feel very torn. Both bass players are great. Both are nice guys. What would you do?
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