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Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
Wait.... you missed me!

I'm a jazz cat and make no excuses for it. I was born and raised on it from my Dad who was also a drummer from the big band/small group Eddie Condon / Hot Fives world....

Listening to? What day... Trane, Art Tatum, Louis Armstrong, Eddie Condon, Wild Bill, Miles, Sonny Rollins, Monk, heck... even Sinatra. The person I've really been honing in on is drumming great Joe LaBarbera. I encourage you to check him out if you have not. I know how much Elvin has influenced you, Joe's brother gigged and recorded with Elvin.

Working on? I've been through so much over the years with some fabulous teachers since I'm fortunate to live in a town with great music educators (terrible playing opportunities though). As of now it's been all about John Riley's Master Drummer's Workshop. I work things until I feel comfortable I've truly mastered them - which can take me a lot of time. I ensure I think of as many variations on the exercises as possible before I consider it complete. That being said, I work on about 4 different exercises in that book at any one given time.

Revelations? The 35+ years I've been at this, jazz has always been at the forefront of what I've listened to. I never realized how much my Dad taught me in his living years that would transcend so much into the many years after he's passed on. I keep learning from all the things he said, it's staggering.

Concerns? Will I ever get to Jim Blackley's material before I die.
my bad d

how could I forget one of my favorite cats?.......Ill pay the fine

so yeah brother...this thread is for

I think its a good idea

and yeah I know of Pat LaBarbera....the man can blow

he is on many of Elvins records

your pop played with Eddie Condon??????
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