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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Ruairķ
Age? 22
How long have you been playing? 6 and a half years almost.
Origin of user name? Awesome song by the band Eels. :)
Your top 5 drummers? Stewart Copeland, Gavin Harrison, Matt Tong, Omar Hakim, Billy Cobham.
Make of drumkit? Roland TD-9K. V Drums.
Make of cymbal? Sabian AAX Stage Cymbals. I use these only for bringing to acoustic kits at band practice at the moment.
Where do you practice? At home and whatever room the practice pad is in.
Are you in a band? Yes, a bit irregular at the moment practice wise.
Do you play covers or originals? Should be both soon. Mostly covers currently. In the process of writing.
What style of music? Rock. Covers of Biffy Clyro, Raconteurs, The Police, Arctic Monkeys currently.
Favourite take out food? Pizza!
What country do you live in? Ireland.
One really odd fact about yourself? I speak fluent Irish. It's actually a minority language in Ireland where nearly everyone speaks English all the time.
How did you start drumming? I had a toy drumset as a kid, so developed good rhythm then. Started playing properly at 16 and I still get lessons. I think lessons are important and a good teacher obviously.
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