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Default Re: Old Ends, New Starts

Well Duncan, interesting times for you too. Loved what you said about feeling liberated by acting irrationally. I've had that feeling too at times. It's a good thing to jump out of your comfort zone now and then - to not be locked into a life formula.

Bummer about your partner but you have your reasons. Oh well, you're moving on, as we all do.

Whatever, I'm sure the try out with this band will be enjoyable and a learning experience at the very least. Hopefully, you're a good fit! Remember, the playing side can always be improved but the personal side is critical.

Don't be a martyr and rule yourself out if you think other drummers fit the role better. Maybe they could, but there are probably other issues with taste, temperament, musical understandings and values, ambitions and goals, stability (very good players tend to get tempting offers and do a runner - so I'm told :), availability, compatible insanities etc.

So if they choose you, trust their judgement, even if you think they could do better. If they are as good as you say then they know what they're doing.


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