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Default Old Ends, New Starts

Some of the people on this forum will be familiar with recent circumstances and I've shared some very moving correspondence on here from and hopefully with other members over the last few months. Some of you may also have been privy to the knowledge that I've been quite badly ill for several months with severe depression.

Well, the last few days have been very interesting.

Firstly, I'm sad to report that I have split up with my girlfriend of several years. We made a mutual decision and it ended about as well as is possible. I am obviously upset but I think the decision has been made for all the right reasons and I hope that we can both be happy with or without the company of each other. I know she'll do very well in her future and that to some extent I am not necessarily the right person given some of the circumstances that have been taking place.

So, a new start. Perhaps an opportunity. For the first time in my life I did something totally irrational and decided to drive an eight-hundred mile round trip to see a friend that I haven't seen in four years and that would be leaving the country to return home after travelling around Europe for several months. Irrationality is not something that I'm often akin to but it was a deeply liberating experience and acting on my impulses meant that I had a great time with a good friend, enjoyed the company of a fine human being and discovered a beautiful city.

Musical developments have also taken place. A few days ago, an old friend's Mother turned up at my door asking for my number. Apparently a friend of a friend of a friend was looking for a drummer for his new project. Today, whilst driving through Northumberland I got a text message and pulled over at the services to read it (and refuel physically and mechanically). After sending a message back, the gentleman in question sent me some examples of the music that the band has laid down (with some very convincing MIDI drum parts). Listening to the first few seconds I knew they were very serious and obviously have a lot of potential. Instantly I accepted his offer and we've agreed to meet (with the rest of the band) and see if I can fit into their plans musically and physically.

He mentioned promoter contacts, studio contacts, industry contacts, a website that is under construction and a number of songs that are 'better' than the ones I heard (which I thought were fantastic) as well as the financial backing to put together a very credible band. There were no issues with the fact that I cannot financially contribute (which I explained very clearly - I always think this is a very quick way for bands to fall out) and after the call I realised that I think this project has real commercial potential and some very serious talent behind it. I also gave the caller the option to really think about having me in the band only if I'm right for the project - I think they're so good that if I'm not the right person, I don't want them to feel as though I'm their only option if I'm not right. I would hate to be the 'wrong' player because I think that could hinder the potential. Listening to the music, though, it is definitely something I am interested in.

He also mentioned meeting in the pub. That's always a good start.

The last three days have seen some huge changes in my life. I'm sad about the relationship but I'm happy that there are some new starts that look promising.
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