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Default Re: New band problems...

Originally Posted by SquadLeader View Post
The other lads feel we should be gigging in like a week from now...I'm more 'grounded', or I'd like to think professional than that....I want us to gig when we are ready.
Been there . . . been there too many times; and from what you say about this singer it's unlikely to improve. If you guys were all 15 then I'd say get out and gig as soon as possible, but you clearly have different priorities to the others and some pride in your work. I bet you 20 quid that if you start gigging next week then every rehearsal from now on will be just running over the same set in advance of the next gig and you'll be unlikely to play anything new for ages. I mean, if the singer can't be arsed to learn the songs you're already playing, what chance is there of doing any new material?

The fundamental problem here is lack of self-awareness. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone can use a little more practice: but if any of the other members of the band don't see what you see and then try to address these issues then this band ain't never going to do much more than what you're already doing. As soon as you said "the singer brings his wife along" then I heard ALARM BELLS RINGING. Some people think it's cute to have friends/spouses at rehearsals: I don't. I think it's fine to play with you mates hanging around, but then that's not a rehearsal - it's a party.

Sounds very much to me that you've remembered that you prefer the music side of being in a band to the rock-and-roll side of it. That being the case I'd recommend looking elsewhere. Especially if you want to stay friends with any of these guys. There's nowt wrong with being friends with your band-mates, but starting a band with mates is a different thing all together, as you have found out.

Oh, and for the record, I agree that the pretending-to-be-Ian-Brown thing and the talking-to-a-crowd-that-isn't-there-thing are painfully adolescent. That ain't nerves, it's called being a numpty.

Best of luck to you, Chief.
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